5 Easy Ways To Make Your Camping A More Convenient Place

It’s hard to eat and sleep outside, but you don’t have to compromise on comfort. There are several things you can try to make your campsite feel more like your real home, especially if you are staying for a few days or even a few weeks.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your camping more comfortable:

Choose the right place to plant your tent

When setting up camp, where you choose to set up your tent greatly impacts your comfort. Choose a dry, flat surface that is located at least 200 feet from each body of water. This will help you avoid mosquitoes and other animals that roam around to drink water. Place a field under a tree – the leaves help block wind or unexpected rainfall as well as smoke and noise from nearby campers.

Add your own personal touch

It will be your home for a while, so feel free to make it your own and add a little personal touch. If you make your tent near or under a tree, put some battery-powered rope lights on the branches. Not only will it look good, but it will also add some much needed lighting to your site. You can also opt to bring a light rug or a rug from home to add extra comfort when you’re barefoot in the store.

Don’t just stick to a sleeping bag

An inflatable camping bed is much more comfortable for most people compared to sleeping bags, especially for new campers. Bring your favorite thick blanket, a nice soft pillow and a few extra sheets to make sleeping peacefully in the open air much easier.

Find relaxing activities

The possibilities are endless when you’re in the open field – you can go trekking, fishing, exploring and much more. These are all fun but tiring. When you’re on a camping trip, you don’t have to do these activities at once. It is important that you find the time to relax and enjoy nature in a different way. Find time to sample a hot drink and read a good book, or just sing and tell stories around the campfire with other campers.

When you feel safe and comfortable in a totally different environment like the open air, that’s when you start to have fun! Being in nature doesn’t mean you can’t be welcoming so try these easy ways to make your camping more comfortable!


Company Retreats: A Fun Experience

You sit in public, holding your stomach because your muscles are tight from laughter. Your eyes are full of water, tears streaming down your face, your mouth wide open with laughter. Beat your chair and your hips trying to catch your breath from the laughter. No, you’re not in a comedy club listening to your favorite comic.

Stop screaming, go, go, go! Cheer up on top of your lungs so your team wins! Hands clapping as encouragement to help a teammate reach the finish line! Jumping up and down so that the person you were rooting for has reached the finish line! No, you are not at a sporting event.

Stay in anticipation, waiting for the ball to fall on your number and color. Or, wait patiently for the retailer to reveal the right number. You sit at the machine hoping a match will come up on the screen. No, you are not in a casino in Las Vegas. You are in retirement!

A business recovery is the recovery of a company (employer and employee) from the stresses and frustrations of the workplace in a temporary place of refuge. A business recovery helps build your workforce. They get to leave workplace distractions and enjoy a more relaxing environment. Whenever a person is relaxed, their creative juices can flow easily.

Even a job you love can become stressful after a while. Keeping your employees away from workplace stresses can prevent them from cracking, feeling bruised and even allow them to know that they are appreciated.

You and your employees see each other every day. By having a retirement from the company, you can see the other in a more relaxed atmosphere that will improve communications, improve trust and give you appreciation and respect for the other’s position and what leads to the company. With these features permeable, you will also see an increase in productivity.

Business retreats can be held in a variety of locations: cruises, all-inclusive resorts, landmarks or even at a theme park resort. By having your retirement business in one of these travel entities, you will need the help of a professional staff to help put it into operation. Most locations and cruises have on-site event planners who can help set up the entire retreat; from booking hotel rooms, to setting up for your meetings and activities, all at one price. If your company’s finances can’t handle a long-distance trip, then find a secluded place nearby.

There are places that specialize in team building. You can choose the activity you want and have a team of professionals prepare your retirement. This is a great way to prevent stress during the creation process. Let professionals know what you plan to accomplish during your retirement and they can take it from there. Hiring professionals to implement your retirement will help you ensure that your retirement is truly memorable and fun. This will prevent your company from retiring from becoming just two hectic days of seminars and presentations. The professional staff will give your training fun games and activities that teach teamwork and use communication skills. They will ensure that there is a balance between work-related exercises and fun fun activities, as well as keeping you focused on your goal in order to retire, to help your employees stay on track. On the last night of retirement, you can all enjoy a great reunion as well as a casino night to end your retirement with a bang!


How to Pack for a Long Vacation

Like anyone who has traveled a lot around the world, I know how to pack. I’m not someone who can throw two clothes in a backpack and jump on a plane through Europe but I’m also not someone who likes to carry luggage, even if it’s on wheels. I went on 12 day cruises, 2 weeks of European holidays, and a 3 week trip to Australia and New Zealand. I’ll do laundry on holiday if necessary, but it’s not something I like to do when I have to spend a lot of time.

So, I’ve learned some tips on how to travel light enough to also take enough clothes for a week of two weeks or more.

1. My first suggestion is to make a travel list on your computer and save it. When you travel, just pull it up and adjust it for the current holidays.

2. The second thing to do is get a good suitcase (assuming you’re checking a bag) and a good carrying bag. We recommend using a basic coach style suitcase at an average price like Atlantic. I suggest a color other than black, because there are so many black suitcases. Don’t use one much larger than a hand luggage because if you exceed the weight limit.

For a luggage I really like a suitcase and an all-in-one rolling backpack like the Sierra Carry-on Rolled Backpack. It can be disassembled into a small suitcase and a day bag if needed or it can be zipped together and thrown on your back when you need to take a flight.

Be sure to buy luggage that can all be packed together and rolled up if necessary.

3. When I travel abroad, I read years ago that there are ways that people in other countries say who American tourists are by the following:

• White tennis shoes, especially if both of them are worn in pairs

• Adjacent clothing such as “jogging suits” or color-coordinated store sets

• Fanny packs

• Shorts are rarely worn in many cities around the world. I was in Paris in July. It was a party (Bastille day) and I didn’t wear shorts all week.

4. Put together a travel wardrobe based on two neutrals plus a bright color. I like to pack black and brown / khaki clothes plus a few pieces of another color like red. I had tried to pack all the black clothes but I got too tired of the lack of variety and ended up buying clothes in my destination. However, I recommend taking dresses in which each top corresponds to each bottom. This allows for endless combinations.

5. Pack so that 90% of what I pack can be washed in the sink and hung to dry if needed. This means lightweight polyester blend dresses with no iron to travel with. If you want to spend a lot of money and plan to travel a lot, you can buy clothes from a travel company like Magellan’s. I never found it necessary to do so, even though I considered it.

The following is a recommended travel wardrobe. This would be the most I take for a two-week vacation. I probably take less.

Depending on the length of your trip and your destination, a basic wardrobe, if chosen around the combination of red and beige, would consist of:

• 2 black pants, one casual and one dress

• 1 beige / khaki pants (I wear real khaki cotton pants)

• 1 black skirt in your favorite length

• 1 basic black dress that can be worn day to evening

• 1 black jacket and / or light sweater

• Many black, red and beige tops in various sleeve lengths

• I always wear a white shirt without the use of iron, white as gauze

• Shorts in basic colors in season and destination approvals

• Black tennis shoes for long distance walking

• Basic black walking shoes (like skimmer boots with a good sole)

• Basic black dress shoes for the evening

• Sandals if needed

• A black or red raincoat. I always took a pullover type raincoat that I could carry in my day bag and have in a moment.

• A small evening bag that can also double as a makeup / toiletry bag in your day pack.

• Lingerie, sleepwear and socks that can be washed and hung to dry.

• I always wear a microfiber jacket up to the knee because it took up almost no space and could be thrown away due to unexpected interruptions to room service and the like.

• Beautiful accessories like a fabulous necklace and pendant, scarf or belt

• Pack everything you need for specific holidays such as a bath, winter jacket, water shoes, etc. But if you don’t need it, don’t take it.

6. Take the following necessary toiletries and supplies:

a. Shampoo and conditioner of hygienic size, toothbrush, toothpaste

b. Minimum make-up

c. A good moisturizer with sunscreen (I like Lubriderm spf 15) – It has many uses.

d. I always take a steamer and a travel-sized hair dryer with an actual adapter.

e. When I travel internationally, I take a couple of bath towels or sponges because clothes aren’t always available.

f. Bottle size good laundry detergent shampoo (concentrate) to use in the sink. You can also use shampoo in hotel.

g. If you think there will be washers and dryers at your destination, pick up all-in-one Purex dishwashers / dryers.

h. Light colored nail polishes and pads to remove nail polish (in individual packages)

i. Sunscreen, bug spray

7. Pack everything you can in collapsible plastic travel bags. These are great, especially for dirty laundry.

8. Pack everything you need for 2 full days in your luggage, especially if you go on a cruise. That way, if your luggage is lost, stolen or delayed, you can even continue with your vacation. Make sure everything in your luggage can be washed in the sink and dried overnight.

9. Put everything in a bed several days before your trip. See how you put it in your suitcase and then pack what you don’t need. I rarely regretted not bringing anything, but I was sorry to carry too much when I wanted to bring something home with me.

10. Finally, limit your memories. Digital photos, a digital journal, real postcards sent to family and friends – These articles will make memories to last a lifetime.

Bon voyage!


Top 10 Romantic Vacations For Under $ 5,000

Looking just to get away from it all? And don’t you have a whole verified account to scare? Well don’t worry my friends, we can’t all be millionaires, unfortunately. But when it comes time to share special holidays with someone you love, many of us take the time to book and plan that special trip. However, this does not mean that there are not many fantastic places that you and your lover can escape. To help you decide better, here are the top ten romantic vacations for less than $ 5000!

1. Maui, Hawaii: Enjoy relaxing on Maui’s romantic beaches while staying at the Kihei Bay Vista Resort — a fully-fledged resort full of amenities that offers plenty of lodging and beautiful room service. Online packages, which include airfare and four days / four nights, start at about $ 765 per person – meaning about $ 1500 and all you pay is food and a rental car once on the island.

2. Cancun, Mexico: one of the world’s cleanest, cleanest and most beautiful barrier islands invites you and your lover to come to a strip-like resort, in a beachfront setting rich in numerous night activity is a lot of history. Online packages will cost you about $ 850 per person, which includes airfare and hotel accommodation for four nights.

3. Miami, Florida: Take your significant other into one of the most popular and romantic places in the world, and take a day off at Disney World without the kids. Thousands of islands, Miami is a destination city. Online packages will run about $ 600 per person, including the flight and a nice hotel room.

4. Aspen, Colorado: For a different, snowy romantic retreat, head to the Rocky Mountains and go on a romantic ski trip. Staying at a mountain-based resort, including elevator passes, will eat up your wallet for only about $ 600 per person for a four-day trip that includes the flight.

5. Newport Beach, California: Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to get away from it all — you can easily find dozens of fantastic vacation packages at beachfront resorts, including airfare and check-in for four nights, for about $ 500 per person online.

6. Acapulco, Mexico: A cheaper destination perhaps than Paris or Venice, you can easily find a lot of deals online for all-inclusive travel to destination resorts. Packages range from about $ 600-800 per person, including airfare for a four-night stay on the Mexican Riviera.

7. San Diego: One of the most famous romantic vacation destinations in the world awaits you. You won’t find better deals for anywhere else online than here. Five day packages, which include your flight, a rental car and a beautiful resort hotel room, start at about $ 600 per person.

8. San Francisco: The city near the bay is only a few hundred dollars away, where culture, beautiful beaches and five-star restaurants invite you to come and greet. Enjoy a romantic trip for two here for about $ 600- $ 800, which includes your plane trip, and your hotel room for five nights.

9. Paris, France: perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world, a rich culture and a vibrant society will seduce almost everyone. Of course such an exotic destination never comes without an exotic price attached. Packages online, including airfare and hotel stays – for seven days and seven nights – start at about $ 1850 per person.

10. Venice, Italy: It’s getting more romantic than taking a walk in one of the oldest cities in the world. Of course riding the numerous canals full of water and being serenaded together also stems from many reasons – art galleries included – why you should go to Venice. It will cost you however to enjoy Italy, at the rate of about $ 1900 per person, including airfare and the hotel for a week.


Preparing to go camping

So you want to take your children camping as you did as a child with your parents or your grandmother or grandfather. Oops, the campground where they were taken is now condos on the lake.

Let’s say you’re new to camping but have some childhood experiences. You will need to become familiar with camping equipment. If you have a friend who camps a lot you can go with them to learn the basics.

Ah go with a friend and show him that he is smarter then I have no luck. Because I would never feel the end.

The first thing you will need is a type of shelter for you and the children.

Then you will need something to sleep in a sleeping bag and something to cook with. Portable barbecue pots and pans hey so how to use. You are already on the road to your first camping trip.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most first timers leave with a tent. The first tent should not be expensive, but should provide good shelter in the wind and rain. With all the models out there spending a bit of time looking at them, you won’t get one that requires a master’s degree in engineering to install. Stay with basic needs when you have more experience than the store can be given to children while moving on to a fantasy.

Remember that you live on an unnecessary budget to spend thousands of dollars on all the equipment just to find your wife, children, or your own hate living. The tent should protect you from the sun and rain.

More than 600 easy-to-follow tips to save money on 10 Minute Technology The Book.

There are bugs of ours here in the desert, so be careful. The store should have a good screen to keep out small insects and also be easy for children to open.

The tent will be a place to sleep and keep your clothes. If the weather hurts children can play or read in the tent under supervision. It’s nice to sleep under the stars but you’ll have to get a tent sooner or later.

So choose one that has enough space for you and the family and all the equipment you want to put in the store while you’re out swimming. Your tent should cost between $ 100 to $ 200 depending on the style you choose for your family

If you want to sleep in a tent or under the stars you have to have some kind of padding The ground is not pleasant to sleep on. You’ll find plastic padded mats with air bubbles, padded vinyl pillows and the good old air mattress.

I prefer the air mattress because it doubles even for the family to float around the lake. If you go with the air mattress remember that you need a pump to blow up a large foot pump works best.

Sleeping bags

If you’re like most people, you’ll be camping in summer and early fall, so don’t buy a sleeping bag rated for -20 time this will be just extra money that could be used for something else that you want.

The light rectangular sleeping bag will do If you and your spouse want to sleep in the same sleeping bag just zip them together and you will have a great sleeping bag. Don’t forget about your pillows but if you roll up your towels they can’t make a bad pillow.

Make sure you have at least two floors of floor space at least the size of the floor of your tent. Lay on the ground then put your tent on. The second can be used as a shelter above the picnic table.

Camping Cooking

Everyone uses the smell of the kitchen hanging out either in the field or in the yard. If you make a very barbecue at home you are all ready you have the basics now how to live cook. Most public and private camps will have a picnic table and a kitchen sink in each campsite.

Take a portable grill with you and you will feel at home. Take a gas stove and a set of pots and pans and you’re ready to be a camp chef, remember a coffee shop that the nearest cafe may be about 20 miles away.

Depending on your level of culinary skills you can now prepare meat as if you were at home.

When you shop for the item go to the local big box store as they will carry all the things you need. Someone will set up tents, so climbing up if you ask yourself is spacious and everyone fits in comfortably. along with all the things you will carry with you.

If the tents are not installed mark a piece of flooring in the house with tape this will be the same size as the tent plan call a family reunion and get each body to put in the tape lines you put is correct size ? If not, reevaluate your needs.

Here it is … you are much closer to having a fun camping trip for everyone!


What to Look for in a Trip in Abu Dhabi

A visit to Abu Dhabi these days is not deaf or useless. With so many attractions and activities, you can make a fun and memorable trip for sure. Abu Dhabi is considered the dream capital of the Middle East. Here, you can admire high-tech projects, modernity and of course tradition.

To make the most of your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should reach out to tour operators to explore and participate in adventures. A typical Abu Dhabi City tour with an organizer will make a life experience for you. You can visit the Heritage Village and the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque. You will be guided along the elegant Corniche which is a strip of well-kept beach promenade, restaurants and cafes.

Once you experience the serenity of the landscape, you will love Abu Dhabi for the various surprises it offers. For starters, there is a safari in the desert and the best time to enjoy it is at night. You will be taken through the sand in a 4 by 4 vehicle where you will be able to see the wonderful sunset and then get to enjoy the delicious dinner around the campfire.

What to expect;

• Fun that takes place in peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

• Free pick-up and drop-off at the hotel

• All entry fees are included in the package.

The night tour begins in the afternoon. This means you have a few hours early to check out other interesting activities in the city. A tour organizer will pick you up at 3pm from the hotel where you will first go directly to the race in the desert. A sandy boat option is also included in the night desert safari in Abu Dhabi. As part of the night, you will be staying in a Bedouin camp.

When on your own, you can venture to other cool places. How about a visit to the Corniche? Perhaps, the most delightful part of the Abu Dhabi City Tour will be going to Corniche. Here, you can choose a good viewpoint where you can soak up tea and enjoy watching the boats go up and down in the nearby marina.

Then you can go to the beaches. You can relax on the sand for a few minutes. After this for a nominal fee you can spend your free time reading a book on the coastline. Or, you can indulge in playing volleyball if you feel active. A popular place to visit is the Family Garden which runs along the path and hosts several green spaces that make for a beautiful walk around.

Suppose you want to explore the area on land, you have to go on board the tour by open bus. You have the opportunity to get on the bus and get off at different points. The bus will take you to the city center, and will make a stop at the Marina shopping center. The Marina Mall is a wonderful place to be. You can visit the entertainment complex where you can go bowling, watch a movie or even have fun with musical fountains.

The mall also houses a 100-meter high display platform where you can admire the stunning views of Abu Dhabi.


A Silverline Club Network Marketing Opportunity Magazine

The Silverline Club domain name was registered in September 2007. The domain name contacts are originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. When I visited their main page, I saw a big graphic in front of the website that just says it’s coming soon. However when I searched Googled for the name, I found a back door page on this same domain that seems to have all the details of the company, including the MLM Comp Plan.

The Silverline Club has a beautiful Presentation Video available on their website. They claim to be the world’s first Business and Social Network. I’m not sure I agree with that as I did another review on ZenZuu tonight. This program is designed specifically for Internet Marketers who love to travel. I know I like to travel. As a member, you will gain privileged access to Silverline Connects, which is their Business Portal and Social Network.

You can also access Silverline Trips, which is their Global Online Travel Booking system. You will also receive the Silverline Club Access Card, which will help you get Travel Discounts with nearly 200,000 merchants worldwide. Finally you will be automatically entered into Silverline Biz, which is their Global Profit Sharing Opportunity.

The Silverline Club puts its core values ​​and preaches connections. Silverline Connections is a unique online community geared towards Network Marketing professionals.

Their common goal is to unlock the potential of massive Internet wealth. You will also receive access to their Online Global Booking System. Here you can get drastically reduced travel taxes around the world. They currently offer more than 18,000 special Internet travel taxes.

The Silverline Club offers more than 14,000 properties from leading GDS companies. They are said to offer domestic discounts even in the Airline Industry. They also offer Hotel Reservations, Car Hire, Cruise Bookings and All Inclusive Vacation Packages. In addition, members have access to its Destination Guide Content which offers 360-degree virtual tours, photos and videos in more than 5,000 cities around the globe.

Various Language and Currency Options are also available with a 24/7 Internet Call Center reserved for all offers of special Internet rates and monthly specials.

The 180,000 retailers to which you will have access will help you save money on shopping, movies, golf, health and beauty, recreation, dining, skiing and snowboarding.

The Silverline Club offers 10 different income streams to its members. These include Points Accrual, Advertising Income, Direct Selling Trips, Point Company Bonuses, Direct Selling Card Sales, Residual Bonuses, Cash Company Bonuses, Point Company Bonuses, Participation Bonuses. the Profit and Reward Bonus. They go into a lot more detail regarding these revenue streams on their website.


How to Entertain a Guest in Japan

One of the best ways to entertain guests in Japan would be to give them the opportunity to ride on the shinkansen (train the bullet), show them Mount Fujii, and if you can, let them participate in a live tea ceremony. Maybe it will also give them the opportunity to see Akihabara, the famous electronic district.

Weather permitting, I also recommend taking them to places where they can interact with things, such as the Iga Ninja museum where they can take pictures with old ninjas, or even learn how to cast ninja stars.

You can also give them the opportunity to dress up as a Maiko or even a Samurai, then take photos, and so they can have a good laugh when they show their friends at work.

I had the best friend out there. Nice guy, Caucasian guy, New Yoaka, culinary specialist. However, even with all his gastronomic knowledge he has not been able to fully appreciate the Japanese palate.

Here is the official way to entertain the guest if you absolutely have to:

1) Power, power, power. Nothing exotic. Play with favorites recognized by Japan, such as tempura, and yakiniku so you don’t want anything heavier afterwards. If their diet changes too soon, accompanied by jet lag, they will enjoy less of their trip. Sometimes McDonald’s is good for lunch.

2) Don’t rely on mass transit to get around Rent a car. Choose easy routes. Just jump on the Kanetsu highway and drive to Niigata. Show the country back or maybe even Gunma. Lose a little.

3) Don’t do onsen unless it’s a mixed bath. Instead take them to Yunneson in Hakone so they can spend time hanging out in the bathroom with you. Remember to try akasuri, which is called skin peeling in English. Japan will be the cheapest and most affordable place to do it. Everyone should try akasuri at least once while they are here! It’s a must. I have it twice a year.

4) Take them driving by driving. Sometimes people can immerse themselves in much more of the environment when in a car rather than on foot. Sometimes you don’t have to talk about the experience. Let them feel the country for them.

5) Shrines are better to visit because they are less crowded. Show them how to wash their hands and teach them a little about the history of shrines. Kamakura is the perfect place for this.

Remember, never forget the wagashi, or Japanese pastry. It’s a must have to sit back and enjoy some good wagashi. Go to an expensive place, not good.

Finally, and this is a big one. Remember to bring your guest to a real authentic restaurant or red lantern, which is a place where working class people can drink at bargain prices.

The reason is that they need to experience the real side of everyday work – class Japanese, and what it means to eat normal food.

Here we go!


Rome – A Recommended 3-Day Itinerary

As the old saying goes, “Rome was not made in a day”, or “Rome was not built in a day.” It does not take long to understand the accuracy of this statement. Roman works of art and masterpieces are everywhere. Walking through Rome is like walking through two thousand years of history, all intertwined and intertwined today. At times, it can be overwhelming. There is so much to do and see in Rome that even locals may need a life or two to capture it all. In fact, there is perhaps more to see in Rome than in any other city in the world.

With so much to see and do, where do you start?

First Day Recommended

U Romanian Forum (“Roman Forum”), located in a valley between the Capitoline and Palatine hills, is a good starting point. The forum is truly an archeological complex that you can enter from the square that leads from the Colosseum. The Colosseum, of course, it is the symbol of Rome. This is the famous amphitheater that managed to hold up to 55,000 spectators while watching gladiator fights, animal fights, etc. Completed in 80AD, it took 10 years to build and originally had an adjustable roof – the forerunner of today’s stages with adjustable roofs. Today, the architects marvel at the design, which allowed the Coliseum to be completed in about 12 minutes (think about the next time you’re at a big sporting event)!

The Roman Forum was the commercial, political and religious center of ancient Rome. In fact, much of our current political system here in the United States is derived from the Roman political system established during Caesar’s reign. Spanish Steps, and the so-called Spanish Steps is another popular attraction in Rome. During the spring, it blooms with flowers. This is a good place to watch and watch people, especially at night. The streets entering and leaving the square will offer the most beautiful shopping in Rome. Circate Via del Corso. Guys be careful: if your significant other likes to shop, they will love this district. A day of shopping here is usually a very powerful aphrodisiac!

From there, you can take a walk (it is better not to drive in Rome, unless you have a desire to die – to the Trevi Fountain. Try to time your visit during the evening hours, when the fountain is lit. Don’t forget to throw a coin over your shoulder … legend has it that doing so will ensure your return to the Eternal City.

Second Recommended Day

You should plan to spend a day seeing it Vatican, the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel. The best way to get there is through the beautiful (angel-covered bridge). Weather in Ponte Sant’Angelo. The Vatican, literally, is another country separate from Italy. It is also the spiritual and religious center for Catholicism.

Inside St. Peter’s Cathedral, on the right, you will find the famous Michelangelo’s Pieta – sculpted when the artist was 25 years old. The dome of the cathedral offers the best view of Rome. In the Vatican museum, you will find countless treasures collected or commissioned by the papacy over the centuries. There are several tours ranging from 90 minutes to 5 hours. Of particular interest must be Raphael’s room and the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel, with its most famous feature, the soffit, is another masterpiece by Michelangelo (among others). The roof is supposed to depict scenes from the Book of Genesis, and it took Michelangelo four years to complete.

Please note, that you will not be allowed to enter St. Peter’s Cathedral if you are wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts and skirts above the knee. This is true even in the summer deaths. You must always remember that it is a place of worship. The Italians take themselves very seriously, so dress that way. The summer of 2003 has been the hottest summer in Rome in about 300 years … they have always made an exception to their politics.

A good place to see after visiting the Vatican is Castel Sant’Angelo. This was originally built (138 AD) as a mausoleum, which was later converted into a papal fortress in the 6th century. And with its underground passages, sometimes used to provide a safe place for the pope to reach the Vatican. Inside there are numerous works of art and you can learn a lot about the history of Rome. On the fourth floor there is a café where you can sip an espresso while enjoying some of the most beautiful views of Rome.

Third Day Recommended

Piazza Navona is another of the famous squares of Rome. This is the place to see artists while sipping and grabbing a delicious espresso or sandwich at one of the many outdoor cafes. In the center of the square is a Bernini masterpiece …the Fountain of the Rivers (Fountain of rivers). To the west of the square is the beautiful church of Sant’Angese in Agone. Legend has it that this is where Agnes was exposed naked, only to be (miraculously) covered by the rapid growth of her hair. At the north end of the square is another fountain, La Fountain of Neptune.

Speaking of fountains, you will see many people drinking from many of the fountains that Rome has to offer. Rome is blessed with a rich source of water and a system of aqueducts, much of which has been unchanged since its origin manufactured during the Roman Empire. Every time you see the sign “not drinkable” that’s when you shouldn’t drink water. In the Pantheon, an architecturally geometric masterpiece, well worth seeing. The building is still in remarkable condition. Its dimensions and lines are very symmetrical, almost perfect. Originally a temple built in dedication to “all the gods,” today its concrete dome is the largest in the world.

From here, you can do a little more shopping on Via Naziunale. These are similar to the shops around the Spanish Steps, but not so expensive.

Extended stays in Rome

The above routes are a bit rushed, but definitely possible. Ideally, you probably want to spend a week in Rome and go at a more relaxed pace.

If you have some time left in Rome, take a look at the lively market Field of Flowers. Here you can taste some of the most beautiful flavors of Rome: fresh meats, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Here’s where you can mix it up with some of the locals. To the north of the camp is a square and a beautiful building that was built during the Renaissance (Palazzo della Cancelleria).

On the other side of the river Tiber is located Trastevere, an eclectic neighborhood full of great baroque architecture, funky bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. It’s a good place to go to experience Rome’s nightlife. And on Sunday morning, you can also check out the flea market (Porta Portese).

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spend some time north of the Spanish Steps to relax in. Villa Borghese. This is the greenest and most serene section of Rome. A nice bit of rest, and a good place for a picnic. There are a few museums worth noting, and a zoo not so noteworthy. You can also squeeze this in on the first day, if you want, since this is close to the Spanish Steps.

For something a little out of the ordinary, look at it Catacombs, an underground burial system used several centuries ago in Italy. Italians, like many others, have great respect for those who have died. These are located on the outskirts of the city. You will probably need to take 2 buses from Termini Station to get there.

Outside Rome

Tivoli, about an hour east of Rome, makes for a beautiful day. It is a picturesque hill town famous for its quarry stone industry.

Ostia, about an hour west of Rome, is the place where the Romans go when they want to go to sea. The seaside resort is worth a visit if you have the time, but nothing really worth writing about. The best beaches justify a weekend outing further south on the Amalfi Coast and off Sorrento. These places take a few hours by train.

Heading north of Rome, Viareggio is a beautiful little seaside resort in the Tuscany region. And of course, there are all the wonders of Florence, about a 3-hour train ride from Rome.

So there you have it … Rome in a nutshell. Don’t be disappointed, no matter how many days you are there. If anything, you want to stay longer. As the old saying goes about Rome, “Rome, one life is not enough”, or “Rome, one life is not enough.” So enjoy all the time you spend in Rome, because there is no other city in the world like it.


Asian Culture 101: Tips for Your Next Business Trip to Asia

When it comes to culture or trade etiquette, Asian countries are often grouped together. However, it is not necessarily true that cultures or ethnicities in the same area of ​​the world share the same traditions or values. While there are some similarities in history and culture in Asian countries, each country and the way its people conduct business is unique.

The most important thing to remember is to be respectful of everyone you meet. If you don’t know the right thing to say or do in a business or casual setting, ask instead to make an inaccurate assumption and offend your guests.

Demonstrating that you are interested in learning and respecting their standards is one way to show respect. However, even if you can’t learn or adapt to all the traditions of these many countries, here are some key things to remember when traveling for business.


In Japan, it is common to bow down when meeting someone new. However, your guests can learn about Western traditions and offer to shake hands. Be prepared for one or both forms of greeting and follow your host’s guidance. To bend properly, keep your spine straight and your hands at your sides. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets or crossing your arms. As is true in American culture, this is a sign of boredom or disinterest.

Business cards are a bigger deal in Japan than in the United States. When presented with a card, accept it with both hands and read the card. This shows respect and care for the card and the person who handed it to you. If you are sitting, leave the card out on the table or on your card. Do not put the paper in your pocket or purse. It’s best to keep your cards in a nice place so they don’t get folded or dirty when you deal them.


  • pointing with fingers or any object, such as sticks or pens.

  • It is not usual and can be considered rude.

  • indicating the error of someone. Always be respectful of your guests and your business partners.

  • be late. In fact, they are 15 minutes early.


As in America, he offers a handshake when he meets someone for business. Similar to Japanese culture, business cards are a big deal. He offers and receives cards with both hands. If possible, print your information in Chinese on one side and English on the other.

Patience and proper follow-up are very important in Chinese business culture. No big decision is made quickly and you have to prepare for longer meetings and speeches. You may be asked to speak as well but keep your observations brief and avoid “taking” the conversation. Follow up after a meeting with an email highlighting the positives and decisions, but don’t get too broad with your observations.

Businesses are often conducted during meals. Learn how to use chopsticks and where to put them when eating. It’s better to put them back on the holder rather than putting them in or on the cup or plate. If a second meal or meeting is requested, offer to host.


  • be late. Be punctual, fast if possible.

  • speaking too loud or too fast. Corresponds to the tone of your host.

  • interrupting vacations or being ignorant of superstitions. Respect for tradition is important.

  • indicating with your figures or other objects.


Fortunately for Americans, the most common business language in India is English, although Hindi is widely spoken in other areas of the country. Greet your host by saying “Namaste” with your palms together in front of your chest. It offers a slight arch or nodule.

Agreeing is often a sign of understanding rather than agreement. Be careful not to confuse the two when talking in business meetings.

As is true in China, be aware and respectful of the holidays. In the Hindu religion, holidays can last more than a day or two, so plan your trip accordingly.


  • shaking hands, especially with women, unless the guest offers his hand first.

  • decreases food or drink in a meeting. Accept what is offered so as not to cause any offense.