Multipurpose Tools – Choose the Right Tool for Your Camping Trip

It has been a tradition for campers to take a knife with them on their camping trip, the more experienced the camper the more the knife would have at its disposal the blades. For many years the Swiss Army knife has been a popular tool for campers because of its great versatility.

A sharp blade is the main reason why you will take a Swiss Army knife, add to it a pair of tweezers and a pair of scissors then you are on the road to camping accessories to use. The modern variant of the Swiss Army knife also has a pen, toothpick and a toothpick.

Unfortunately the Swiss Army knife was replaced by the multi-tool Leatherman, along with cheaper imitations it soon became the versatile camping tool of choice. These impressive tools are based around a pair of stainless steel pliers. But the bonus is that you have all these other wonderful tools that will bend you like a small saw, a knife, a screwdriver, a nail file and many others. They are more resilient than a Swiss Army knife and handle various tasks with ease.

The Leatherman also comes with a nice leather case that attaches to your belt, so they’re always available when you need them most and this prevents it from being stolen or borrowed from a camper companion.

You have to have your ingenuity on you when you buy knives and tools. There are so many good copies of Swiss Army and Leathermans knives that, in my opinion, they are simply not elsewhere. Paying a well-reputed brand, the old saying of what you pay for has never sounded more true. Note that the most expensive options can run into the hundreds of dollars.

One question you have to ask yourself is do you really need a knife that has twelve different gizmos for your weekend? Well, if you answered no to this question, consider taking a simple travel tool on your camping trip. It will undoubtedly have more features than a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman and will be much more accessible and durable. If you are worried about space then check your trunk area in your car, most cars these days have or a toolkit built into it that would be more than just for work. But they also have a storage area for simple tools in the spare wheel area.

My advice, don’t run and get all that expensive Leatherman or Swiss Army knife until you really think about it.