Preparing to go camping

So you want to take your children camping as you did as a child with your parents or your grandmother or grandfather. Oops, the campground where they were taken is now condos on the lake.

Let’s say you’re new to camping but have some childhood experiences. You will need to become familiar with camping equipment. If you have a friend who camps a lot you can go with them to learn the basics.

Ah go with a friend and show him that he is smarter then I have no luck. Because I would never feel the end.

The first thing you will need is a type of shelter for you and the children.

Then you will need something to sleep in a sleeping bag and something to cook with. Portable barbecue pots and pans hey so how to use. You are already on the road to your first camping trip.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most first timers leave with a tent. The first tent should not be expensive, but should provide good shelter in the wind and rain. With all the models out there spending a bit of time looking at them, you won’t get one that requires a master’s degree in engineering to install. Stay with basic needs when you have more experience than the store can be given to children while moving on to a fantasy.

Remember that you live on an unnecessary budget to spend thousands of dollars on all the equipment just to find your wife, children, or your own hate living. The tent should protect you from the sun and rain.

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There are bugs of ours here in the desert, so be careful. The store should have a good screen to keep out small insects and also be easy for children to open.

The tent will be a place to sleep and keep your clothes. If the weather hurts children can play or read in the tent under supervision. It’s nice to sleep under the stars but you’ll have to get a tent sooner or later.

So choose one that has enough space for you and the family and all the equipment you want to put in the store while you’re out swimming. Your tent should cost between $ 100 to $ 200 depending on the style you choose for your family

If you want to sleep in a tent or under the stars you have to have some kind of padding The ground is not pleasant to sleep on. You’ll find plastic padded mats with air bubbles, padded vinyl pillows and the good old air mattress.

I prefer the air mattress because it doubles even for the family to float around the lake. If you go with the air mattress remember that you need a pump to blow up a large foot pump works best.

Sleeping bags

If you’re like most people, you’ll be camping in summer and early fall, so don’t buy a sleeping bag rated for -20 time this will be just extra money that could be used for something else that you want.

The light rectangular sleeping bag will do If you and your spouse want to sleep in the same sleeping bag just zip them together and you will have a great sleeping bag. Don’t forget about your pillows but if you roll up your towels they can’t make a bad pillow.

Make sure you have at least two floors of floor space at least the size of the floor of your tent. Lay on the ground then put your tent on. The second can be used as a shelter above the picnic table.

Camping Cooking

Everyone uses the smell of the kitchen hanging out either in the field or in the yard. If you make a very barbecue at home you are all ready you have the basics now how to live cook. Most public and private camps will have a picnic table and a kitchen sink in each campsite.

Take a portable grill with you and you will feel at home. Take a gas stove and a set of pots and pans and you’re ready to be a camp chef, remember a coffee shop that the nearest cafe may be about 20 miles away.

Depending on your level of culinary skills you can now prepare meat as if you were at home.

When you shop for the item go to the local big box store as they will carry all the things you need. Someone will set up tents, so climbing up if you ask yourself is spacious and everyone fits in comfortably. along with all the things you will carry with you.

If the tents are not installed mark a piece of flooring in the house with tape this will be the same size as the tent plan call a family reunion and get each body to put in the tape lines you put is correct size ? If not, reevaluate your needs.

Here it is … you are much closer to having a fun camping trip for everyone!