My Affordable Personal Camping Accessories, Chairs, Tents, and Camping Gadgets

I always have one for outdoor activities. Several years ago my friends and I started an annual camping trip that was initially for my birthday and over time it became an annual camping trip just for fun, for no particular reason. The first few years we started camping we went to sleep in a big 12 person tent with all the gear and supports, taking a few of us to put it on and spending almost a good 20-30 minutes. We only went to a couple of different areas and the level of preparation we were in was around a 2 out of 10. In our most recent years we went to the music festival which is Coachella and to say the least we were amazed at how nice it was. The configuration of our friends were.

It wasn’t until we were introduced to the idea of ​​“glamping” that we decided to intensify our camping game. While the gear we used had improved slightly, the way we went about planning it came down to some upgrades. We were together for all our time camping at Coachella. While we were standing facing 4 people in a small tent, all of our friends had these big pop-up tents with blown air jumps, memory padding, night stands and even area rugs.

Lately, we’ve been living almost every month this year. We enjoy exploring and heading north towards the Sequoias and sometimes even around Orange County. It used to be a bit of a chore to drive after work at our site and live to put our tent in the dark. Today, Costco with many sports tents has a reasonable tent that requires less than a minute to setup. These tents are worth every dollar that along with many of my friends go through them and the best part is that they are built exceptionally well and so convenient that a person could easily set them up in minimal lighting. (the added benefit is buying from Costco, since they have an insanely good return policy – they practically get something back from them) These pop-up tents are quite affordable and when compared to antique sticks and stalls these are a chore of tena. What could be more convenient than a moderately priced tent that goes from stowage to full installation in seconds? A portable shower head.

You haven’t eaten before if you haven’t been able to take a nice, refreshing shower from an actual portable shower. This portable shower cabin has brought a lot of comfort for the low price tag. You can buy them from Amazon or many other online stores. It is powered by batteries and has a filter at the end of the pump to keep the shower head from pumping out of the ground, other unwanted or stuffed things. Water pressure comes out like a regular water line at home and during times when it is very hot this easily becomes the main attraction. The only add-on you will need from outside the batteries can be purchased for a few bucks at places like Home Depot. 5 gallon buckets work perfectly and you’ll be amazed at how long this bucket of water will last when dispensed by a battery-powered shower head.

After cooling down in the shower we just want to disappear and put in the sun (or not if it’s too hot!) The most comfortable chairs we’ve found are zero gravity chairs with folding tables attached. These can be reclined so that you are comfortable and baby are comfortable. Sure, the typical folded chairs in the field are quite nice but can’t be reclined or adjusted like zero gravity. If this chair isn’t comfortable enough and you want to put on a quick nap, why not put it on your super comfortable air mattress?

Now, you probably think … Why do we have an air mattress? Why don’t we use a nice old sleeping bag? Have you ever slept on a small sleeping floor with almost no pillow underneath? This must be one of the most uncomfortable things to do and in the morning you wake up with aches and pains … not a fun time. Using an air mattress that can be sprayed should be the biggest change in camping we’ve done in a while but for the better.

Here are the few pieces of gear I would suggest to really intensify your camping game. Not only can all these items be purchased for relatively inexpensive consequences, but you can find most if not all of these items online, in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a minimalist or a glamper, this outfit can completely change the way you camp. The comfort that these items bring can help you get that peaceful rest and relaxation that should always be associated with a successful camping trip.